Car Technology: Impact on the Auto Industry

Daniel Mwangi
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Cars and Technology

The automobile industry has steadily and significantly felt the impact of technology. In recent
years car technology has yielded amazing benefits in
the assembly and operation of vehicles.

TechAuto Junction sets out to point out and critically dissect the impact of technology on the
automobile industry. We will look at the pros and cons in detail but the presentation language
will be simple.

Some of the impacts of technology on the auto industry are;

Enhanced safety

Technology has made it possible to integrate systems and accessories that enhance safety in
vehicles. The additions protect the driver and passengers while others help the driver to
make informed decisions while operating a vehicle. These systems and accessories include
but not limited to;

  • Airbags
  • Collision Warning systems
  • Parking sensors
  • Anti-lock brake systems (ABS)
  • Lane departure warning system (LDW)

Fuel consumption

The entry of hybrid versions and electric cars has largely contributed to efficiency in fuel
consumption. This has also helped in environmental conservation by reducing harmful gas
emissions. Automobiles have significantly moved from fuel economy to fuel efficiency.

Technology has facilitated;

  • Manufacture of regenerative braking system
  • Use of lightweight materials in vehicle assembly
  • Improvement of vehicle aerodynamics

Staying connected

Technology has made it possible to easily stay connected even when on the road. The
integration of various systems and accessories in the vehicle helps to provide uninterrupted
entertainment and timely information. These also offer a hands-free operation so that the
the driver can concentrate on the driving task. Some of these systems are;

  • Voice command systems
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Driver monitoring system (DMS)
  • Navigation gear

Autonomous cars

The onset of self-driving vehicles will definitely trigger a revolution in the automobile
industry. This impact will be huge and will span across several areas. Car technology will play a
pivotal role in the manufacture, operation, and monitoring of self-driving cars. A few of the
benefits will be;

  • Accident reduction
  • Enhanced traffic flow efficiency
  • Increased travel convenience
  • Reduced harmful emissions


TechAuto Junction will critically look at these and more amazing insights into technology and automobiles. The subsequent articles will delve into the details, pros, and cons of each
technological contribution.

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